What Is The Secret Of Orange Color In The Bitcoin Logo?

There is no doubt that the logo of Bitcoin and the distinctive orange color has become one of the most distinctive international slogans that are affixed to the shop fronts alongside the Visa Card and MasterCard cards, in reference to the acceptance of payment in the currency of the Bitcoin.

What is the secret of orange in the Betcoin coin logo?

In the next few lines, we will know about the orange secret in the BTC logo

Most companies and organizations today have their own logo design that distinguishes them from others and gives a glimpse of what it is and what it is doing.

Because it does not have any central body that manages it and decides the shape of its motto to make things take time to settle in the final logo, which is an orange circle with the middle of the letter B financial.

To return historically to the evolution of the logo of the Bitcoin to become what it is now, we return to:

Year 2009:

It was a distinctive year for Bitcoin, where the world first appeared in the name of the distinctive “Bitcoin” launched by its unknown founder, “Satoshi Nakamoto”

The logo was in the form of a small gold coin carrying BC craftsman as follows:

The above logo is the original and first logo of the Betquin coin.

February 2010:

New update in the logo of the Bitcoin added by the founder  “Satoshi Nakamoto”

The new logo bears one letter B with two parallel lines in golden color as a sign of the color of gold.

In November of the same year 2010 , a user who did not reveal his identity until the moment to participate with a new design and distinctive to get the approval of everyone and become the most widespread slogan and the difference between users.

April 2014:

Despite the unanimous agreement on the slogan of November 2010, some people would like to change the existing logo and replace it with a letter Ƀ with a small line in the letter to be similar to what is in the financial arena.

There is still controversy over the character of Satoshi Nakamoto, who claimed many characters are to attract the spotlight and fame without access to the real character.

These were the most prominent stations through which the development of the logo of the Bitcoin and turned from golden to orange gradually to be more aesthetic and attractive to the view.



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