TRXMarket : These are the top reasons to use this DEX

A safe and transparent decentralized exchange based on TRON

What is TRXMarket?

TRXMarket is one of the first DEXs that has been built on the Tron network. This decentralized exchange provides a safe and transparent experience for the user, where he can trade in the exchange with no need to log in using his PK, nor email and password are required. Also, it’s a transparent DEX because the traders can trace all their transactions(txs) and the exchange’s smart contract transactions too. Well, the data is public for everyone and stored in the blockchain.

How to trade on TRXMarket?

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You can access to TRXMarket and trade using your pc or even your phone. For the pc/desktop trading, first of all, you need to install the TronLink extension, after that you can create a wallet, make a deposit and start trading ! Also you can trade via TRONSCAN, using your own account (this option is available for both, desktop and mobile trading).

And for the mobile trading, you have a diversity of choices to access and start trading. There are many phone wallets and Dapps operators you can use it safely: TronLink app , TronWalletMe, MathWallet and much more… All of it is easy to use, clear and safe. For more help, you can download the guide provided bt TRXMarket.

Why should you use this DEX?

Well, as we have already mentioned, it’s a safe and transparent exchange, but that’s not all the features! TRXMarket has a 0 trading fees, and it’s the only exchange based on Tron who provides this option. Otherwise, it’s a 0 listining fees too, and this is an important point for the young projects.

1. Friendly support:

TRXMarket has 24/7 friendly support through their Telegram English and Chinese communities. Also, they have migrated to the Zendesk system creating the TRXMarket support center, so it’s a great and safe step to avoid the scammer’s fake google forms and many other phishing ways, also it’s excellent to increase the technical supporting performance.

2. Diversity of trading pairs :

This DEX provides for the user several pairs that he can trade with those tokens feeling safely as the TRXMarket’s team review each token before the listining to provide the fake projects and the exit scams. There are 14 pairs in the exchange section and 6 in the bancor exchange.

3. The trading competitions : 

From time to time, there is a trading competition with high rewards. The biggest one was the 8 million BTT airdrop. And recently, they have announced the 10,000,000 LVH trading competition.

4. A legit exchange : has been added to coinmarketcap exchanges list, to make the only and only DEX listed on CMC.

5. The Launchbase :

On April 9, they have announced about an all-new option and feature in the Tron ecosystem, an IEO, the Lanchbase. And the sale has achieved a historical success for the market, also it was 0 listining fees!

6. Super Representative voting rewards :

TRXMarket is one of the network guardians, its an SR with the top 9 ranks. Vote for them by clicking here.

7. The 100 CEOs camp :

The CEOs camp is like a gathering of a group of people has been already picked by TRXMarket team after the CEOs apply the request. The camp gives the DEX a lot of ideas and notes from the professional mind.


Finally, you can conclude that TRXMarket is one best exchanges based on Tron with a team who has long term vision, and they are walking further to follow their goals. With TRXMarket you can safely and smoothly trade TRC10 and TRC20 tokens.


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