TronBank was really hacked? Or it’s a genius exit scam?

On 6 May 2019, TronBank announced that the contract of the TRX Pro has been hacked, and 26,723,478, TRX have been stolen. And all the accuses was addressed to “Wojak” , the known unknown guy, and they also mention Khanh name.

How it was been hacked?

According to TronBank Medium article, they have explain how “Wojak” and Khanh have stole the smart contract funds.

We have found the address:TTX5N2wxLeyWBSNE6UeaBjCFZbpa2FH6jr (Khanh address) made a backdoor and injected the backdoor code to our TRX Pro(TBPro) contract during code compiling and deploying

Also they continue :

Wojak used that backdoor code and stole all the balance of the contract and then transferred them to Binance Exchange

The TronBank team was promised from Wojak that he will make a refund in the discord community.

TronBank team’s solution :

As “Wojak” seems that he will never refund the stolen TRX, TronBank announces that the funds for TRX Pro, marketing, refferal and TNT dividends pool ( total = 3,030,096 TRX) will be used for the refund. Also, the team will buy an amount of 23,693,382 TRX to refund the whole missed TRX.

And they mention in their telegram group :

All investors will get refund according to the percentage of the personal unreturned investment (Personal unreturned investment = My total investment – Total dividends so far, unreturned investment will be taken as 0 if the result is under 0) in the total unreturned investment (your refund = stolen amount * your unreturned investment / the total unreturned investment), and the total unreturned investment is 30,513,279.687625 TRX. The refund will be done in 24 hours and displayed to the community

And they attach that message with a list of the Refund.

What do you think, an exit scam or it’s a hack?

Well, we can’t assume it, maybe it’s a very genius exit scam from the Dapp team to leave the project like the innocent angel, or they was really hacked from “Wojak” . From this article, you can learn that aln the high risk projects, Dapps, smart contract, will die As Soon As Possible. They may got hacked, they scam you… You can learn that all the high ROI projects are absolutely SCAM.


Please note, that is not a bit of finacial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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