TRONAce Has Just Launch The Poker Table: On The Way Of The Roadmap’s Goals

Recently, TRONAce has launch the Poker game

Today, on 13th May, TRONAce, the known casino and gambling platform based on Tron has launched their second game of the platform, POKER.

If you have never heard about TRONAce, we have already written an article contains mostly all the information about that awesome Dapp, you can read that article from here.


Since DICE gambling site, the community was asking the team to launch the poker game, and today, with TRONAce team, this platform’s users can enjoy by playing poker and improve their skills on the table. And to celebrate with this great step for the Dapp, TRONAce team have to make a twitter task with prizes worth 5,000 TRX.

You can enter the tables with 10 TRX, 30TRX, 100TRX, 500TRX, and 2000 TRX.

POKER game impact on TRXMarket:

TRONAce project was the first project on TRXMarket launchbase, and the POKER game is awesome news for both Dapps. Why? Because as we already mentioned, ACE token was sold on TRXmarket through an IEO, so it’s great for the DEX as their listed project in on progress and proves the roadmap goals, also this new game will increase the Ask of ACE on the DEX, that means more liquidity. At the current time, ACE is tradable at 0.00197 TRX and with 186 active users.


Please note, That is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view


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