TRONAce, a new competitive platform to dominate ?

1. What is TRONAce ?

TRONAce is committed to building one of the most popular game platforms and incubation platforms, relying on its own technical capabilities to empower developers. Users can experience the fun of blockchain games through our platform. The developers can quickly have the ability to distribute DApps using TRONAce proven APIs through their open source platform.

2. How was the project been funded?

on April 9, 2019 TRXMarket has announced a new feature in their DEX, the LaunchBase, or simply an IEO, a selective token launch platform. And TRONAce was the first project on the TRON network who has sold the tokens through an IEO on TRXMarket. There was only 3% of the total supply (100,000,000,000 ACE) exposed for sale, and all the quantity has been sold in 5.1 seconds!

3. TRONAce token’s informations :

  • Ticker: ACE
  • Token type: TRC-20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 ACE = 0.00210 USD (0.00210000 TRON)
  • Fundraising Goal: 200,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 100,000,000,000
  • Softcap reach: 100%
  • Project whitepaper

4. Mining rules

Total:50,000,000,000 ACE ;
distributed in 8 rounds
1. 500 million, ratio: 1:10
2. 1.5 billion, ratio: 1:6
3. 8 billion, ratio: 1:3
4. 8 billion, ratio: 1:1.5
5. 8 billion, ratio: 1:1
6. 8 billion, ratio: 1:0.8
7. 8 billion, ratio: 1:0.6
8. 8 billion, ratio: 1:0.4

5. Does TRONAce project has good partners?

Projects that launched through TRXMarket LaunchBase will enjoy support from TRON ecological community as follows :
  1. TRON
  2.  Blockchain explorer:TRONScan
  3.  Exchanges:ABCCEXSHELLBIKI and other TRON ecological exchanges
  4.  Wallets:TRONLinkBitKeepVENAPIMathWalletCOBOBitpie
  5.  Blockchain APP store:CoinPlay

And we know that behind each strong partners, there is a strong project too. So with these partnerships provided for TRONAce, it is now one of the strongest casinos on the TRON network.

6. Does TRONAce have any recent competition?

The answer is yes. Recently, TRONAce project announces a betting competition of 200,00 TRX.

Event Time: 0:00 04/30/2019- 0:00 05/08/2019 UTC / For the full campaign rules and details, please check their Medium post.

7. How TRONAce can be a stronger competitor in the betting domain?

Well, we know that there are several strong casinos on the Tron network, as TRONBet , playgoc , tronwow  . And to beat them, TRONAce must give extra efforts to stay in the top casino’s list. Otherwise, they share 70% of their profit for the gamblers, and that’s a sweet reward!

“Reward Details”

1. When there is any profit on TRONAce platform, 70% of the profit will go into the dividend pool for the next dividend distribution.

2.TRONAce will generate a snapshot for all the staked ACE at 00:00 UTC every day.

3.TRX in the dividend pool will be distributed to ACE holders according to their ratio of staked ACE amount in the snapshot.

4. The dividend TRX will be distributed to your account automatically within 24 hours after snapshot.

5. The first two dividends will be delivered on April 29 and May 5 (UTC), and once a day after May 5.

And at the current time of writing the article, the dividends pool surpass 1.8 million TRX!

8. TRONAce statistics :

According to Dappradar , TRONAce occupy the 13th place in the gambling category, and it still a new Dapp in the arena! With 5.2k weekly user and 77.5 M TRX

9. conclusion :

Well, TRONAce still a new-born competitor in the gambling arena, they are in the beginning, at the start of a long road for both gamblers and Dapp developers.

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

Useful links :

  1. TRONAce website: TRONAce
  2. TRONAce user guide 
  3. TRONAce telegram
  4. TRONAce twitter
  5. TRONAce whitepaper

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