TRON (TRX) Is Preparing To Become A Private Currency (Privacy Coin)

Tron network revealed its readiness to upgrade security on its experimental network by setting up the modern protocol (zk-SNARKs) to add the privacy feature which will soon be integrated into the Mainnet network.

What is zk-SNARKs?

In short, it is a new technique to add privacy in transactions and was first used in the ZCash currency and allows two portfolios to conduct a financial transaction without disclosing this information on the blockbuster network.

This means that you can use the wallet to make transactions that can not be tracked and thus do not violate any of the rules of compatibility in the blockage, by allowing one person to prove that he has specific information without actually disclosing the network.

Tron (TRX) and privacy:

This new feature was announced by the founder of the Tron, Justin Sun, who revealed that the new property would make the tron ​​safer.

The so-called “proof of lack of knowledge” will be used where the user will be able to execute transactions without having to disclose any information about them to the network

Justin said:

Zk-SNARKs is a very important technology because it provides a new way to start using the tron ​​while maintaining privacy, which is very important to many crypto-based companies

The new addition will be tested internally and will be available to developers early next week.

This new feature is similar to what was applied in Zcash, a privacy currency. The Monroe currency also adds similar transaction features.


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