Tron Society, needs your votes to become a SR again !

What is Tron Society?

Tron Society is made up of engaged people, who together pursue one goal: expand the community through various plans and projects to bring blockchain closer to even more people.

Tron Society visions :

Tron Society pursues a number of goals, including community growth, the Dapp development, and expansion of Tron Network infrastructure.

Supporter Token TronSociety (TSY) :

TronSociety Token (TSY) should serve Tron Society, besides the votes, as support to realize their plans and goals. Tron Society voters will receive daily TSY in addition to the TRX Rewards. They receive 90% TRX and 5% TSY Rewards daily 5 days a week. Nevertheless, Tron Society will include the token TSY in its projects in the future to create an added value for it.

Why Tron Society need your help?

Tron Society was one of the 27 SR who guards the Tron ecosystem, but unfortunately, their team lose some votes because the TRONICS these days search for the higher rewards, and don’t look at the SR or SRc visions. For that reason, Tron Society SR  needs more votes to move up again between the 27 SR (current rank : 32)

Converse, Tron Society latest product :

Converse is the first decentralized chat running on the TRON blockchain.
Due to the speed of the TRON network, it is possible to run any transaction a user makes through the blockchain and encrypt it with the technology that the blockchain provides, instead of using a central intermediary to transport messages.


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For donations: TPc9cF4cziMuBxwZW1mbdZ5yHjm3MwP6WL

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