The Funds Stolen from Cryptopia Have been found, And The Hackers Move It To The DEXs

A recent report by Elementus shows that stolen coins have been found on the Cryptopia platform

The report showed that a total of $ 16 million of stolen ethereum from the platform was detected in addition to the other stolen coins and Tokens indicated on the ERC20 such as:

Oyster Pearl, DAPS, Lisk ML, Pillar, Mothership, Everus, Enjin Coin, Cappasity, LINA and Bytom.

And the global trading platforms are becoming a favorite place to sell the hacked coins and tokens. 

As published on a Twitter account, that the stolen ethereum is still in the hacker’s wallet. 

The users of cryptopia were waiting to re-open the platform and the  return of liquidity in the trading pairs. But the platform decided to start the process of liquidation without warning and without any notice.

The hackers move the stolen ETH to EtherDelta:

Today, the Whale Alert twitter account in noted that many ETHs stolen from the hacker account had been transferred to a DEX, EtherDelta.


Hackers are expected to move these tokens to a decentralized exchange until they are converted to other coins/tokens and try to hide the impact of the hack and the complexity of the tracking process.

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view


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