The Chinese Government Unveils Its New Evaluation Of Blockchains … EOS Still The Top 1

The Chinese government has unveiled its new assessment of the networks of blockchain, which it has done on a monthly basis.

According to Cointelegraph  , the list includes a number of pioneering projects in the Blockchain Technology arranged according to technical standards, application and innovation.

According to the ranking and the rating announced, the Bitcoin climbs 3 levels than it was earlier while the EOS project ranked first in the lead.

The ordinal list was prepared by the Chinese Information and Industry Development Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

In view of the ordinal list, we see a focus on development platforms such as: EOS, TRON and Ethereum and their occupation of advanced ranks.

The government of China is unveiling its new evaluation of the plocin networks ....

As noted earlier, the EOS maintained its first position since June 2018.

While the Bitcoin project ranked 12th after being ranked 15th.

Although Bitcoin has the largest domination in the market, the valuation is seen as weak for other projects.

It is also worth noting that the above assessment is taken seriously by many Chinese technology companies and sees a fair assessment.


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