South-African Company Makes $135,000 A Day Using ROI Methods

During the rise in the value of the Bitcoin and reaching high levels (currently $ 9,200), the greed of fraudsters (scammers) diversifying in ways of scamming other people’s funds in various forms.

A South African media company has found a company operating in the Ladysmith area of ​​Kwa-Zulu Natal, which has a value of 2 million rand ($ 135,000) on a daily basis in a geographical area of ​​60,000 people.

According to the same report, the company, named “Sgumza”, claims to rely on investment in the currency of Bitcoin to generate financial revenue for investors.

Which is 100% profitable within 15 days of the date of deposit. Many investors are putting their money, which should not be less than 100 rand ($ 7) for investment, which is imposed by this company.

According to the spokesman of the company “Sgumza” revenue is through the purchase and sale of BTC with the imposition of 10% administrative fees.

In view of the fact that this company is doing, we can find that investing in Bitcoin may be profitable sometimes.

But not always 100% in just 15 days.

And without the possibility of loss due to the retreat of the bottom down.

Which makes us a company that adopts a Ponzi scheme in its work.

And that the company depends on the funds of the new arrivals to cover the profits of the old registrants and the process remains until the total collapse.


Nowadays, we can see alot of Tron Dapps (also other chains) use this investement way to grap funds as much as they can and go away. Too many ROI dapps encourage the users to invest and invite new people (investors) to invest too and get a win-win business. Otherwise, the deposits will stop one day, the ponzi scheme pyramid will have an end, the team will exit scam, and the investors will lose their funds.

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