Soon You Will Be Able To Shop At Amazon Using Ethereum

Ethereum is the second-largest coin by market size, according to CoinMarketCap , the most reliable network in the world of decentralized applications, and will soon become a payment option when shopping at Amazon.

CLIC Technology has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Opportunity, to build the basic infrastructure for the purchase of the ETH at Amazon.

This will enable users to pay and buy products via ETH, although Amazon does not accept cryptocurrencies as payment tools.

In an official statement, CLIC Technology Chief Executive Officer Roman Bond said:

“Bringing cryptocurrencies into the e-commerce industry is a merger of two new generation industries. We are excited to work with Opportunity, and develop a number of ambitious projects with them. “

CLIC Technology said the ethereum network is a traditional network designed to handle about 20 transactions per second, but the financial ecosystem of giant companies such as Amazon requires much higher speed, making the use of the ETH currency impossible.

But the company believes it can improve the processing speed doubly by taking advantage of Opportunity’s bundled technology, allowing faster processing beyond major companies such as MasterCard and Visa.

The new product is expected to provide an opportunity and open the door to enormous potential to support the adoption of large-scale digital currency.

CLIC Technology is known as a financial technology company that develops innovative solutions based on blockchain technology . It has created a payment system that facilitates the use of digital currencies in online purchases, while offering the option of converting cryptocurrencies into cash directly for shopkeepers and businesses.

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