Satoshi’s Identity To Be Unveiled In Less Than 18 Hours

A few weeks ago, a new website appears and promise to unveil the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. Since the first days of that website went online, we have written an article about that website and about the possible results of it. But today, before the “deadline” we are going to give the most possible results when the timer hits the zero.

What can you expect after the ’00:00′ ?

Well, there is a lot of possibilities for that website purpose, but we will show the common reasons:

    1. Data-Base Gathering: The DB(database) of crypto-users isn’t cheap at all, and every region has a price. And from that website, the domain/site owner has done a genius trick to let you enter your email (subscribe) to receive a notification when he unveils Satoshi, and all of that is just to gather the crypto-community emails for marketing uses, maybe it will be used for an upcoming ICO or the data will be sold on the Dark Market.
    2. A Funny Joke: This site may be propaganda, just to attract the community and let them think how the end will be. And at 0, the site went off or they post a joke.
    3. John Mcafee Promise: On 17th April, John Mcafee promises in a tweet that he will unveil Satoshi Nakamoto identity if Satoshi doesn’t.

Well, even if someone tries to unveil Satoshi Nakamoto, it will be negative news for all the crypto-world, maybe a whale will not like who is Satoshi, or we will not believe him, it’s just a fraud. And we can also see Craig wright again to improve that he is the “Real Satoshi”


Please note that is a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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