Ripple’s CEO Said : ” XRP Is The Bridge Between Banks And Crypto Market”

Banks and traditional financial institutions looked suspiciously at cryptocurrencies and blockchain and saw them as a threat to their very existence and a means of monopolizing funds.

But all that has changed and is changing over time as the new technologies offered by cryptocurrencies and blockchains have become a developmental haven for banks wishing to be present in the financial and technical economy.

The company has been working to link the spaces between traditional financial institutions and modern technologies (cryptocurrencies and blockchain).

Rippel’s ceo believes that XRP is the interbank bridge and the crypto market.

And that it was possible to work in concert between the financial institutions and the crypto-market.

In a recent interview with Mr. Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, he said:

I do not think banks will go away, but governments are going to go.

Banks are working to develop a very important regulatory framework and provide a very important role for society and will continue to do so because they are good at it.

And the emergence of a range of technologies that banks can use to develop their business.

And he continue by saying:

Many cryptocurrency projects have realized that their presence will continue to be regulated and in line with legal regulations, which has been doing since the first day.

XRP is still waiting for the right time to launch strongly.

As it has not yet held a large partnership with a global bank and did not use the XRP as a conversion option in full, but still in the development of testing.

XRP is currently valued at $ 0.40 with a green indicator of 7.11% and still ranks third in terms of total market value after both Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Pleas note that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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