NZ Court Gives Cryptopia 10 Days to Report the statement

The platform “Cryptopia” and after its recent announcement on the closure and liquidation of its work

Newsweek reports that the New Zealand court is slipping the Cryptopia platform to just 10 days to submit its report on June 4.

To respond to the management of the platform Kryptopia and announce it on Twitter account with the following statement:

The New Zealand Court granted us 10 days to submit our report.

This is due to be done by June 4 and will be published on the New Zealand Companies website.

After the recent cryptophobia platform was announced, many users of the platform had different views. One of them said on Twitter:

I hope that the judge will understand that the coins held by the Cryptopia platform are trustworthy and not assets of the company.

They have to return it to us completely.

I am also interested in recovering the stolen money retrieved from the Huobi platform, although my account was not hacked and was intact.

Remember, the platform “Cryptopia” was exposed to two hacking operations last January lost $ 16 million and some of the ethereum:

Although it tried to recover its operations in March, it was unable to re-stand the financial and banking problems it faced, and decided to submit to liquidation and suspension of trading.

The focus of the liquidation process on which David Rosco and Russell Moore will focus is to secure all funds to stakeholders.

Mr. Russell Moore stated that:

We realize that users of the cryptopia platform want to solve this problem as soon as possible

For our part, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation through cooperation with various parties, including management and shareholders, to find a solution that serves all stakeholders in the best possible way

Please note that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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