Not your Keys, Not Your Coins: The Hacked Cryptopia Is Going To Close The Platform

A painful and unhappy end to those earned by Cryptopia cryptocurrency trading platform

After it was subjected to large-scale piracy last January, which caused the damage to the platform very much.

The New Zealand-based Cryptopia platform was hacked and resulted in $ 16 million lost in the first operation and $ 180,000 in the second.

Since then the platform is trying to go back and continue investigations to try to fix what can be repaired.

Bringing the matter recently to declare the state of liquidation and repayment of debts.

Al Khobar was officially announced this week by the Cryptopia platform where the decision to liquidate was officially announced by announcing it on its official website and on its Twitter account:


without warning and without informing users, some of whom questioned whether the platform was subjected to another piracy.

According to the source, the platform and since its return suffered from many banking problems could not solve, as can be said that the piracy of the month of January has damaged the platform very much.

the same source, the liquidation process came as a final solution after the administration’s efforts to reduce costs and recycle profitability failed, but all failed, ultimately to secure the remaining interests of all stakeholders.

From this, one must be careful not to leave the coded currencies in the portfolios of platforms, especially in the case of inactive trading. For that always remember, Not your keys, not your coins


Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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