New Report: 75% of EOS Dapps Transactions Are Fake

A nee report appears and says that 75 percent of the EOS transactions in decentralized applications ( Dapps) are fake.

This new report, compiled by AnChain.AI, indicates that a quarter (25%) of the transactions on EOS are true only and the rest are fake.

In the sense that 75% was made through bots to upgrade the level of transactions on the network.

The report also noted that 50% of dapps users on EOS network are automated programs.

This means that the EOS network, like other networks, suffers from low user interaction.

DappRadar’s visitor tracking and decentralized application users site revealed that only five dapps on EOS have more than 1,500 users in the last 24 hours.


Given the figures in the AnChain.AI report, it is not surprising that a large number of transactions are automatic transactions because EOS has the advantage of transfers and transactions without fees, so there is nothing to prevent people from doing multiple transactions on the network.

It is also possible to use these automated transactions by the owners of the decentralized application to test the absorption and traffic capacity.

Transaction numbers, number of visitors and users of decentralized applications are clear indicators that can be inferred from the activity of the network and the industry in general, with the above figures of automated transactions, making it difficult to understand and organize the industry.

But the sure thing is that the decentralized application industry is still in its early stages and still has a lot to go

Please note, it’s not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s vision

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