New Partnership For Binance To Launch A Token For Football (Socccer) Clubs And Fans

Inter-institutional partnerships are one of the ways to facilitate greater access to goals through the cooperation of both parties.

The crypto market has seen many partnerships among different companies. Most notably the recent partnership between Chiliz and Binance.

Chiliz is a platform based on Blockchain technology and is specialized in the sports industry and responsible for running the Socios site, earlier held many partnerships with different sports clubs we have already mentioned some of them:

West Ham Club is partnering with the Socios platform to launch the Token for team fans

The Chiliz platform provides fans and fans with the ability to direct management decisions taken at the club and consult on their appropriate strategy.

Through the participation of the public in decision-making within the club using a certain application and a paid subscription to a certain amount of the club’s currency.

Mr. Alex Dreyfus, Executive Director of Chiliz Platform, said that he was well aware of the role that Binance plays in the digital currency market

And that the integration of Binance Technologies with Chiliz would increase access to a larger community of users.

Socios  is also working to deliver blockchain technology to an audience of over 3.5 billion through collaboration with leading brands.

Commenting on the partnership with Chiliz, Changpeng Zhao said :

Sport is the perfect tool by which to educate the consumer on a wide scale about the possibilities and benefits of the blockchain technology, I am proud that Binance and Chiliz are doing the job worldwide

According to the source , the partnership between Binance and Chiliz will allow the latter to benefit from the integration of Blockchain in the end-user product, such as gift cards, prepaid cards and various types of digital services.

Chiliz has already raised $ 66 million in initial funding in 2018 and in the coming weeks will issue the CHZ token on the Mainnet of 

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