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Earlier in the day, Facebook announced plans to offer a complete redesign of its famous website, although site upgrades are not common, but redesigning Facebook is particularly interesting given the extent to which this site is used And to what extent the overall shape and appearance – most of which are blue – has become a distinctive symbol over the years.

Regarding changes, Facebook said that the blue menu bar that was part of the site from the start will be replaced with a higher interface and a higher sensitivity.

In addition, Facebook has indicated that the site will focus more on the “Groups” section. This should not be surprising since Facebook still suffers from an endless number of disputes involving abuse of user data. On this point, Facebook pointed out:

This redesign makes it easier for people to move from public spaces to more private spaces like the Groups section. There are tens of millions of groups on the Facebook site and when people find the right group, they are often the most important part of how they use Facebook. Today, more than 400 million users on Facebook belong to groups that find them meaningful. That’s why we’re introducing new tools that will make it easier for you to discover groups of people who share your interests where you can share and interact with them.

Facebook adds that the new design will be simpler and more immersive for users. The company said:

In general, we’ve made it easy to find what you’re looking for and access the most frequently used sections of your site.

Facebook added that the site update process will take effect sometime in the next few months. And as to how the new design will look. Well, it’s quite a departure from Facebook users As shown below, Facebook participated in F8 keynote on Tuesday morning:

Anthony De Rosa, digital production manager for The Daily Show, has a lot more to do with his Twitter account.

First look at the design of the new Facebook site

The Facebook application, which is widely used on the Web site, will provide a comprehensive development process. The blue menu bar on the app – like the website – has been discarded and replaced with the Facebook logo in blue and a row of “icons.” 
It will be interesting to know if there is a backlash from the user on this uncommon design. However, if there is one thing that has been resisted by users of famous sites throughout history, it is “change.”

Among the updates announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, that the Messenger will have a desktop version, and the application will be reduced by 70 MB. 
The FB Messenger application has reached 1.3 billion people. There are approximately 300 thousand companies using and benefiting from the application monthly. The number of messages sent through the application is 20 billion messages per month.

The focus will also be on the development of the appointment feature in terms of the possibility of booking appointments with companies and institutions such as clinics, hospitals, training centers, and others through the application of Messenger.

The new design of Facebook will include the Facebook logo at the top of the page on the left, and below it will be the main tabs, namely: 
– home 
– facebook watch 
– marketplace 
– groups 
– notification 
– messenger

There will be a tab for groups located on the desktop, in order to make them easier to access.

Among the key features that Facebook will add is the direct Facebook feature through sales and purchases within the Marketplace section, as well as the development of Facebook and Instagram related features to facilitate direct selling and buying.

There is a new feature called “meet new friends” that aims to make it easy to connect with new people and make new friends, including the possibility of matchmaking, in addition to another feature that is expected to be very much admired by the young people is the feature “Dating on Facebook” (FB datin), which has been applied in some countries and will be applied in other countries during this update. It will also be possible to find out who you admire inside the secret crush.

If you are an advertiser on Facebook, there is a new update for you. Ad Policies and Account Modifications will be updated. Starting September next, the budget will be distributed automatically and automatically to the ad sets according to the highest result.

Facebook is in the process of unveiling new tools and tough policies to fight false news posted through the site.

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