Must Read: Check If These Scammers Are In Your Following List

The Twitter platform is one of the platforms pursued by many interested in cryptocurrencies, because of the presence of a large number of industry experts and influential, and the presence of many tips and information made this section of Twitter bears the name of  Crypto Twitter (CT).

Of course, like any other industry, there are some scammers who exist where there is a possibility of scam and stealing money in some and illegitimate ways.

And today, we are going to share some of the most recent scams targeting crypto community on Twitter, many of which may be used in other social media platforms like Telegram.

1- MoistOffCrypto

He was one of the tops scammers in Twitter, was followed by thousands of followers, where he gave the impression that a trading expert, to collect later on an amounts  $60K from victims and lose it all in the Bitmex through the margin (leverage) trade. Again, he returns and opens a paid group on telegram, and most of the members expressed dissatisfaction with him as a result of the theft of their money.

2- cryptorandyy

He publishes many analyzes of their owners on the basis that they own them and analyzed them. He also modifies many images that show he has successfully invested in cryptocurrencies, making many accounts for him to trade, and he managed to raise $ 110,000 to Closed his account and then disappeared.

3- LandM_Marius 

The owner of this account pretends to be selling algorithms and price expectations for Wall Street, making many see him as an expert.

He founded a motivated group through which he inspired his victims by selling them a collection of analyzes that he often did not own, and all his expectations about the Bitcoin and the Litecoin led many beginners to a huge loss.

5- coin_signals 

He set up an investment fund to raise nearly $ 5 million through the Ponzi scheme. To be finally sued in December 2018.

6. HonestlyCrypto

The owner of this account works to win many followers and admirers and continued to do so to open a group paid for an annual subscription, and then updates that say he was exposed to heart attack and was prepared to disappear completely leaving behind a group of subscribers without any explanation.

7- ProofofResearch

The owner of this account, which often attacks others and harms them from scammers who would like to raise $ 1 million through a promise to return $ 5 million through a brand that does not even exist.

8- BitcoinTre

One of the biggest scammers of this list, as he has contributed heavily to the marketing of the fraudulent Bitconnect and his videos on YouTube, is still witnessing this, although he recently cleared the coin as fraudulent.

Please always be safe, and note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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