MoneyGram Shares Spike After The Partnership With Ripple

The impact of partnership with cryptocurrency projects seems to have a positive impact on both parties, a win-win situation.

After it was contributing more to one side of the rise of the cryptocurrency for the project only ..

However, things have improved and the effect has become intertwined as the cryptocurrency market is witnessing remarkable growth recently.

After the MoneyGram partnership with Ripple, the shares in MoneyGram spike 168%, especially after the announcement of Ripple that it will buy shares of MoneyGram worth 30 million dollars worth 4.10 dollars per share with the option to buy another $ 20 million later.

The fact and the strength of the partnership with the company and how it affects the impact of the sending of shares of Money Gram to a level not reached for some time.

For a return to calm again on the shares of MoneyGram and settle more.

XRP on its part was positively affected but not as expected, but reached as high as $ 0.45 before re-descending and stability at 0.41 – 0.43 dollars.


Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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