LoveHearts is available in TRXMarket!

“LoveHearts is an online currency that connects people. Through spreading love and positivity across social media or utilising LoveHearts in one of the many use cases shown, real world application and true value is achieved.”
That’s what the LoveHearts team said.

LoveHearts project was one of the most successful ICOs based on Tron network in the 4th quarter of 2018. That project has achieved his goals and usecases : TronLotto, Eggies World, and PLAY (casino) and they still working to ensure the progressive work success.
Behind the strong team, LVH token has been listed in many exchanges and DEXs like : , TronWalletMe, TronTrade and much more. But the biggest news of LVH token, or even the best one, this token has been listed in (TRXMarket), one of the best DEXs based on Tron network with 0 fees trading.
And to celebrate according to this great news, have announce a trading competition of 10,000,000 LVH to give-away, and we will share the competitions informations and rules in this article :

Event Date:00:00 04/25 -00:00 05/05 (UTC)
Event Rule:The Top150 LVH traders (buys + sell) between April 25th and May 5th will be rewarded according to the distribution below.
LVH Trading Event Distribution:

Rank 1: 3,000,000 LVH

Rank 2: 1,500,000 LVH

Rank 3: 900,000 LVH

Rank 4-10: 200,000 LVH

Rank 11-20: 100,000 LVH

Rank 21-30: 50,000 LVH

Rank 31-40: 40,000 LVH

Rank 41-50: 30,000 LVH

Rank 51-150: 10,000 LVH

After the event, we will announce the results of the event within 7 working days and release award according to the rules of the event.
LVH Trading Volume = LVH Buying Volume + LVH Selling Volume;
During the activity period, if the transaction volume is the same, the order of packing time of the block corresponding to the last transaction shall prevail;
During the event, If there are cheating, scalping or bucketing, TRXMarket has the right to disqualify the user from the rewards;
The final right of interpretation belongs to TRXMarket

Links :

LoveHearts site:

Competiton pair:

Grand Open Event :

Please note, This is not financial advice.

For donations : TPc9cF4cziMuBxwZW1mbdZ5yHjm3MwP6W

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