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Tronscan is an important part of the Tron project. What is it? Well, imagine a smart-contract platform like Ethereum, only that it’s fast, more reliable, and it runs on steroids with a much lower gas cost. Tron is developing a full ecosystem around it, and it’s becoming fascinating.
It’s a decentralized website that serves several different purposes. It’s a decentralized exchange you can use to trade TRX tokens or to issue your own token based on Tron’s blockchain, just as in Ethereum, but it’s many other things as well.

First of all, Tronscan is a block explorer like Etherscan, but even that, this platform has other several uses and functions: you can vote for the SRs and SRc, create tokens, create new wallets, trade TRXMarket’s tokens pair, participate in token’s sale, and much more…

But recently, Tronscan team has updated the platform to make it more friendly for the users. And in this article, we are going to share the last upgrades with you.

The “token self-entry” feature:

After the update, any token owner is able to update and edit his token information page with no need to do it by mails and wait days to finish the update process. Also now you can unify token entry for TRC10 and TRC20 tokens, and the entry for “create” and “update” — easier long-term maintenance.

Updated ”CONTRACTS” page: 

”Block” and  “Age” columns have been added to “CONTRACT TRIGGERS” page, making it easier for users to read information.

Private key export from the keystore:

Now,  you can export your private key from your keystore file if you sign in to TronLink with your keystore file and then click export account

Survey of new features requests:                Tronscan team has decided to add more new features to their platform, and optimize some existing features too. For that, if you have any suggestion or new idea which can make Tronscan better, you can submit it via this form.

Useful links:

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