Know More About MasaTron Project

First of all, what is MasaTron ?

MasaTron is a utility token based on Tron network, payment token that can be paid worldwide in the jewelry and different stores. And tradable in many exchanges according to the roadmap goals. MasaTron team works to build the own eco-system of the project. MasaTron means the diamond Tron as “MASA” means diamond in Arabic. And we will work hard to spread out our luxury project across all domains.

 Problems and Solutions:

When Satoshi Nakamoto creates Bitcoin in 2009, he has many reasons that pushed him to think in an encrypted digital currency. He has created the Blockchain, and its first product was Bitcoin, the most known cryptocurrencies. After Bitcoin, crypto-projects increase day after day, especially the Ethereum based tokens (ERC-20) and its projects in 2017-2018. Many projects have raised millions during the past bull-run and crypto-projects hype.

A- Problems:

Nowadays, a large portion of blockchain-based projects doesn’t provide any real solution for this industry. And in Tron network, where we have created our project MasaTron, most of the Tron-based projects if we don’t want to say all of it are: casinos (dice game, crash, moon, slots,…), wallets, ROI( Ponzi scheme), and a few DEXs… Now, a newcoiner in the crypto-world, when he searches about TRX, he will get a lot of results like: gambling blockchain, gaming chain,… But those results aren’t new, and they don’t even provide a real-life solution for the blockchain technology.

B- Solution:

After the long researches, analyses, and much more, we found that blockchain misses the luxury-lifestyle, and the jewelry industry, for these reasons (and more technical reasons), we choose Tron as our based-in network.

A MasaTron user and investor, will be able to try the luxury-lifestyle, have a secured, anonymous and a safe E-commerce platform to spend his tokens for buying original products and goodies. Many citizens, such as the US or China people are restricted to use their credit cards or bank accounts to have the benefit and use some centralized services-providers. But even that, in China, and many other countries, internet-users are unable to have access to many sites due to the IP block, so, for this reason, they will use VPN to access these blocked-sites. So with us, MasaTron, any user whatever he is based, he is going to have full access to our all-new services, Dapps (no restricted area), and much more. And with our Eco-system, MASA token will achieve its utility, being a payment token for luxury products.

How MasaTron is able to achieve success?

Luxury-life and jewelry platforms have a large portion of the economic sectors. And as we link it to the blockchain industry, we are going to be the bridge between Tronics, and jewelry companies. The Ask & Bid of MASA token is expected to have a high volume as most of the provided items have not a cheap price tag (class-A brands). In addition to that, we aim to become an incentive pioneer in the blockchain media network, to get a result of viral marketing to our products via our media platform: whaletobe blogs and masatube. Otherwise, here in Lebanon, a known jewelry-country, we have been working with several jewelry shops to let them join our foundation, and we have already got several positive upcoming partnerships.

Useful links:

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