Know More About Ethereum 2.0 Launch

Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest coin by market value and is among the most popular currencies in the Crypto world.

Although the idea of ​​starting the ethereum network was inspired by the Bitcoin network, the network characteristics are quite different and are aimed at providing different services as well.

To achieve the goals of the ethereum network, developers are continuously working to improve network services to make them compatible for global and commercial use.

Recently, the launch date of the expected ethereum 2.0 network has been announced, through which the network will move to new algorithms (PoS).

January 3, 2020 was set as the launch date for the new ethereum network. This is the reason why this day marks the 11th anniversary of the launch of the first block of the Betquin network on January 3, 2009.

Said Justin Drake that the developers arecurrently preparing to launch the first step towards the new network on June 30, and as expected, the network needs to pass some key milestones before ethereum Network 2.0 release.

In the first step, the deposit address will be determined so as to give the shareholders of the network (Validators) the ability to deposit ethereum (ETH) .

The team hopes to deposit 2 million ETHs and the unveiling ceremony will be launched at the Devcon event in Japan.

The ethereum community believes that the New Year will be a key point in the future of the ethereum network to help it achieve its goals and increase the adoption of the network on a larger scale.

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