the bitcoin played a role in organizing the suicide bombing adopted by ISIS in Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka which resulted in the deaths of 253 civilian, according to the agency “Whitestream” .
He revealed that the Islamic State ISIL ISIS use of payment gateway CoinPayments-based Canada to achieve bitcoin to paper money the company has identified transactions wide range of purses that the ISIS use fundraising and accounts of the Bitcoin held by CoinPayments.
The agency found Whitestream that the balances in the portfolio of the company payment increased from $ 500,000 to $ 4.5 million just one day before the attacks of Easter the company added that the balances CoinPayments retreated to $ 500,000 immediately after the occurrence of the deadly attacks.
The company adopted the payment being handled transactions of large size, however, denied to have any knowledge about the salaries of funds with terrorist groups .
Said Whitestream :

I thought CoinPayments that their portfolio was a little nervous, but she denied absolutely to be no direct link with ISIS and it is likely that the company is not familiar with using their wallets, probably because the Islamic State group ISIS uses other companies to transfer funds”.

Link the Islamic State group ISIS in the currency of the bitcoin

Confirmed Whitestream, which was founded by Itsik Levy and Uri Bornstein, she was watching the wallets bitcoin-linked ISIS in the past two years has strengthened the company eventually focused on bitcoin wallet one had been to receive donations actively during the different periods .
Succeeded Whitestream in control of two of the transactions that originated from the address of a bitcoin wallet listed on the website to collect donations to ISIS.
Levi’s they were able to trace the transaction back to the CoinPayments, which indicates that the company processing payments on the note which she was to facilitate the funding campaign ISIS ISIS .

“We assume that the terrorist organization may have many addresses bitcoin through CoinPayments, with every donation sent to a different address”

Said Levy :

“On the seventh day of the terrorist attacks of Sri Lanka we set the two equations two large relatively in this title through the process of bitcoin worth about $ 9800”.

Appointed Whitestream in February CoinPayments to facilitate the donation campaigns funded by bitcoin Hamas, a fundamentalist group of Sunni-based Islamic philosophy and at the same time, the company believes that the defense companies, the bankers, based on the work of the digital work in a disorganized environment to a large extent it was easier for terrorist organizations exploit to finance their attacks all over the world.

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