Is The XRP Stable Price Due The Partnerships Between The Company And The Financial Institutions?

 XRP is the third currency in terms of total market value after both the BTC and ETH.

The cryptocurrencies were bullish last May and achieved significant returns that they had not achieved in over a year.

However, the Ripple, XRP, despite its positive impact is also the other, but did not agree expectations and raise slightly compared to the rest of the currencies, which made many question the following:

Is the stability of the Ripple (XRP) due to an agreement between the company and the financial institutions?

The company intends to revolutionize the world of banking and financial banks through the collection of digital products based on the technology of Blockchain

These financial companies that contract with the Ripple to use their products receive currencies from the Ripple’s OTC marketrather than from trading platforms . This means that supply and demand are not affected by the event of financial companies contracting with XRP, which is also referred to by a Twitter user as “The_Rippening” in a tweet :

“The partnership contracts between RIBLE and financial institutions and companies prevent the purchase of XRP from the open market and trading platforms, but through the OTC RIBL because they buy for the purpose of using xRapid and not as an investment or speculation.”

And with some news of important partnerships and contracts made by Ripple with major partners from international banks and financial institutions was published, this did not affect the performance of the XRP and remained almost price stable.

According to the same Twitter user , the company intends to change the way the global remittances between banks and financial banks and replace the SWIFT service and not the quick profit, where the twitter came to the effect that:

If Ripple wanted to make a quick profit, they would agree with the banks and their contracting companies to buy XRP from the trading platforms at market price to move up the market significantly and generate billions of dollars in returns. But the company is determined to stay for the long term and reap the fruits of its effort in a fair way. “

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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