Is the UAE on the way of leading the Blockchain’s revolution ?

The United Arab Emirates Is Set To Become The Capital Of Digital Currency Projects Surpassing The United States Due To The ICOs

In an important subject for the traders of the Bitcoin market and digital currencies, it seems that the UAE is  heading to become a capital of the digital currency projects capitals and a kiss for this area after the establishment of a regulatory framework for the financing of digital currency projects or so-called subscription projects ICO and offers Token Sale According to data from the first quarter of 2019 for digital currency sales around the world. 
In this regard, Bloomberg published a report and we will share it with you. 

“Report Details”

The United Arab Emirates has just emerged as the world’s capital for digital and tokens, with data showing that the UAE accounts for more than a quarter of the total funds raised and funded in digital currency offerings this year. Early April, according to data from the CoinSchedule website.

According to the data, sales of currency and digital knockout programs in the UAE have raised more than $ 210 million. The United Arab Emirates is now the crown of the United States, which has long been the leader in the digital currency market, Which it has occupied since 2018 to be in seventh place in recent months, according to data published last week by the CoinSchedule website, which tracks the sales of the market for the Tokens digital token market.Last year, the United Arab Emirates did not appear to be ranked among the top 10 countries in terms of the amount of money raised in the sales of token sales, as the data show.

We show you a diagram below that displays ranking data for the top countries according to the funds collected in the Token Sales programs. These data and amounts are calculated in USD.

The United Arab Emirates came first, followed by the Cayman Islands, Singapore, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Britain, fifth in the list. Estonia came in sixth, while the United States dropped to seventh place with a total of 29.1 million dollars Canada came in eighth place with $ 22.4 million and Zimbabwe in ninth place. Finally, the Netherlands finished tenth with $ 16.1 million.
Data Source: CoinSchedule / These data cover the period from January 1 to April
Mr. Alex Pelao, Chief Executive Officer of CoinSchedule, said in an e-mail :
“We are seeing a continued departure from the United States due to regulatory concerns in the country, as regulators in the US have been cracking down on initial coin offerings, known as ICOs, which they say should be listed as securities. “
According to data from CoinSchedule, Singapore is the top country in terms of sales of digital sales this year, followed by the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands.
The surge in sales in the UAE is linked to two major digital sales projects, according to data from CoinSchedule, where GCBIB, which develops banking and insurance products for digital currency holders, raised $ 142 million, Bolton Coin, which offers a method of investing in digital currency and real estate mining, has raised $ 67 million, according to data.
The United Arab Emirates has been at the forefront of digital Arab countries, alongside Saudi Arabia, where it is experimenting with a virtual “digital” currency for banks, as well as the Abu Dhabi Global Market, as well as the financial hub established to help the United Arab Emirates In the diversification of its economy, and has been working to establish a legal regulatory framework for the digital currency ecosystem allows the launch of offers for the introduction of digital currencies ICOs in the country.
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