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Galacticans United’s CSGO Roster Compete at their first Professional Games :

IGG CSGO roster, accompanied by members of the IG team competed in their first professional tournament at the Copenhagen Games last week. Although the team did not leave with the result were looking for, there were certainly some major positives to take away.


Galacticans United & Intergalactic Gaming (IG) at Copenhagen Games 2019 :

CSGO team in the Ladies Open Tournament at the Copenhagen Games

Galacticans United is Intergalactic Gaming’s very own professional esports organization, supporting teams across multiple top esport games with the aim of increasing the exposure of the IGGalaxy and TRON network to millions of competitive gamers around the world.

Last Wednesday (April 17th, 2019),  CSGO team arrived in Denmark to compete in the Ladies Open Tournament at the Copenhagen Games! In addition, members of the IG team also attended to support Galacticans United, also using the opportunity to carry out networking.

But unfortunately the CSGO roster did not make it to the latter stages of the tournament, but there were some huge positives to take away from their performance. They were given the opportunity to compete against some top tier professionals as a team for the very first time and they left having firmly rooted IG and TRON’s presence at the Copenhagen Games.

Otherwise, from the technical side, IGG is good as well and their team gives the best efforts to spread out the gaming ecosystem into the Tron ecosystem. IGG was the best ICO based on Tron network in 2018, and they are keeping improve that success using many ways.

What about IGG SR? 

IGG was one of the network guardians, that means, they were between the 27 Super Representative. But currently, the project rank falls to 33 (at the moment of writing). So the Galactians need your support and your votes from the SRc list to the SRs list. And according to the current situation, IGG makes some updates on their Votes rewards as below :

  • 90% TRX earned from producing blocks to be distributed back to voters proportionate to their contributing votes.
  • 10% TRX to be used to buy IGG back from circulating supply; the IGG bought back from the supply will be burned on a monthly basis

For more details about IGG SR’s updates, please read their Medium post.

What is the Community Engagement Competition?

According to IGG :

As gamers compete in our online tournaments, acquiring IGG in the process, it is important they understand the space they are entering. These gamers will be exposed to an entirely new world, one that they, or their friends may not be accustomed to. We have all been in this position.

Education is fundamental for mainstream adoption. Now, we must encourage adoption amongst our peers that are yet to: adoption is coming.

Competition Details:

  • Create content explaining what initially drew you to TRON
  • Any format permitted: article, video, podcasts and so on…
  • A video would be recommended for most engaging content form
  • Flexibility on length of content

Judging Criteria:

  • Engaging
  • Simplistic
  • Creativity and Thought


  • 5,000 TRX and 250,000 IGG

Entries to be submitted to [email protected] and posted on Twitter with the hashtag: #TRON-Ed


Useful links :

IGG Website: www.iggalaxy.com

IGG Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intergalactic_gaming/

IGG Telegram: https://t.me/IGG_Official

IGG Medium post: https://medium.com/@info_91865/progress-report-207aa289bab4


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