How Could The Tronics Kill The Network By Themselves?

The TRONICS are going to kill the Tron network if they continue in this way !

Nowadays, every strong and successful project has a good and loyal community behind it. We don’t mean that the Tronics are “bad” or they don’t support the Tron ecosystem as it’s needed, but they have some actions and that could take them to kill the ecosystem and let the new investors lose faith to come and invest.

Well, most of the Tronics are strong supporters for the network, and the results are proved by the awesome statistics of the Dapps and the network users, transactions, accounts numbers, and much more…

And recently, we saw many projects and teams do the exit scam, and the SR problems…

In this article, we will share the common reasons that can take us to a disaster!

1. The Exit Scams :

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Recently, many projects (tokens, ICOs) and Dapps evade from their investors and exit scam and leave behind them a lot of investors with no funds. they stole the Tronics bags and go away with million of TRX. And one of the last scam projects, we list REYNA token, (REY).

This project has done strategies and tries to steal the REYNA supports and investors several times:

  • The CEO does private sale while the token is listed in many exchanges
  • They promise to complete the roadmap’s goals but they didn’t
  • migration from Tron blockchain to Waves
  • The CEO disappear
  • A new project appears, and support REY with no reasons (ISERI)

Also, many Dapps take their servers down and disappear. It’s hard to trace and follow them legally because they have no team in their whitepaper, no details, and it’s in a decentralized world! And Doo casino was the last exit scam Dapp. Otherwise, the ROI dapps start to grow up day per day on the network, and this is also a high-risk investment for the users.


2. Super Representative problems :

The Super Representative or the SR is the network guardian. In Tron network, 27 SRs exist. The SR is elected every 6 hours via the voters (the user freeze TRX to get TP {Tron Power} ).

The SR responsibility isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s a hard job and it needs a brave team with high technical knowledge. And today, The real SRs suffer and fall down to the SRc (Super Representative Candidate) list, and the cause of that is the presence of all new SR who goes directly to the top 27th via a whale pump with low blocks productivity.

The “stroobia” SRs are very dangerous for the network because of it become a network with weak guardians! And this is one of the results of the recent problems :

Tron-society was one of the experienced guardians.


Finally, all the Tronics asks to stop the scam planned project, the newbies, because Tron is an empire, an empire that it will live for ever !


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