How Can You Mine DogeCoin Using Simpliest Ways?

Before discussing the method of DogeCoin mining, we will first have to know and learn some informations about DOGE.

The Dogecoin was created in 2013 and put on the market as a form of joking, especially after the Japanese shiba dog became a symbol of the coin and it became popular.

DogeCoin is ranked 29th on CoinMarketCap of total market value. The value of the DOGE is $ 0.003 with a total market value of $ 370 million.

The DogeCoin is a minable and the softwares can be used to extract it as it is based on the POW algorithm and uses the same LTC algorithm.

As for how mining Mining Dogecoin, there are three main ways by either mined or device by joining groups of miners or mining cloud.

Once you’ve identified the way you intend to use a tiger, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and prepare a wallet for DogeCoin:

To start the DogeCoin mining, you can go to the official site and upload a wallet according to your operating system and the device. The site provides wallets for various devices and systems to save the coins extracted.

Step 2: Identify the devices used in mining

After the preparation of the wallet, we move for the second step is the identification of devices to be used for the process of mining DOGE.

If you are considering using your personal computer for the mining process, it is not advisable to consider the expected damage that may affect the device, such as increasing the temperature of the device and even overloading, all of which cause serious damage.

It is therefore recommended to use graphics processus that come in the cards of the screen from Nvidia or AMD, which works well to DOGE.

Another option is to buy ASIC for mining, but electricity consumption should be taken into consideration.

Step 3: Choose a mining program

After the preparation of the portfolio and the necessary requirements comes the stage of selection of the mining program to comply with the selected mining device.

There are several options for selecting programs for each device and almost all programs are free.

The method of mining electronic currencies
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CPU Miner program that works well on a regular computer processor can be used .

While CudaMiner can be used to use the graphics card for mining operations.

There is an EasyMiner program   for ASIC devices and a program that fits all the devices, the CGMiner .

Step 4: Start the DOGE mining process:

After completing all previous steps you can run and start the DogeCoin mining process and get some Dogecoins.

Note : Over time, things are more apparent by calculating the cost of electricity and the equipment used and comparing it with what was mined to identify the profitability matters if they are good to continue or stop the process altogether.

Please note, that is bot a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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