Hedera: Libra Is Copycatted

 After the announcement by Facebook on its new cryptocurrency “Libra”, which carried with it a great momentum of media, this reflected positively on the crypto market in general and was one of the most important reasons for the rise of Bitcoin and breaking the barrier of $ 10,000 according to the crypto community.

The new Facebook currency was announced on June 18 and will start the mainnet in 2020.

One of the companies running one of the platforms and projects of the encoder called “Hedera Hashgraph” accusing Facebook company copies of ideas and plan its way and declare it explicitly in a full page on the Wall Street Journal.

Before we dive into the merits of the case, we first learn about the Hedera Hashgraph platform: a platform based on the Blockchain technology that provides complete solutions based on the Proactive Solution Protocol. It is able to expand significantly beyond most current Blockchain projects. Bitcoin offers 3.8 txs per second while Etherem 9.8 txs per second while Hashgraph offers up to 100 thousand txs per second.

Hedera accused Facebook of copying its plan, goals and way of action after Hedera teamed up with Facebook’s Libra team to discuss the projects.

As he stated by Mr. “Mance Harmon” co -founder and CEO of the company Hedera that after long discussion and a lot of questions addressed to us and answered them all about how we manage our project in 2018 a large part of our thoughts and found in the currency of the new Facebook.

One of the most important points copied by Manas is the idea of ​​trustworthy institutions and companies to cooperate with them to add more confidence and transparency. He is a man in the new Facebook project which has been cooperated with many companies and financial institutions.

To hit the Journal Wall Street Journal Facebook on the impact of copying and imitation words:

“Under the icon of admiration, thank you Facebook Libra, tradition is the truest forms of flattery, I have been online them for a long time, now I made it for you, welcome to the future”.

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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