Futures Contracts (CME) Hit A New Record

CME , one of the world’s most popular futures markets, continues to record new records for its most popular cryptocurrency contracts, the Bitcoin (BTC).

“May has become the strongest month ever for CME contracts,” the Chicago-based company said in an e-mail sent today.

Specifically, the company saw a record trading day on May 13th, trading 33,677 contracts, equivalent to $ 1.3 billion. The daily average volume reached a new record of 14,000 in May, according to The Block.

“Since our launch in December 2017, we have traded more than 1.6 million contracts (equivalent to 8 million units of BTC) representing more than $ 50 billion”

In addition, the number of CME accounts rose to an all-time high of 2,500.

“The continued growth of the new accounts shows that the futures trading of CME is being used more widely to hedge the risk of Pitcairn,” commented the company.

The CME futures market appears to be more promising than ever, as CME data shows that the growth of futures contracts is outpacing the growth of gold futures trading in May.


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