Flash Drop Winners List

On 1st June 2019, MasaTron twitter account has announced about the Flash Drop. Where the results were planned to be published on 8th June. But for several reasons: we were busy with our IEO preparation with Kiwidex platform, also yesterday, Tronscan faced issues with the tokens transfer. We are very sorry for this delay, but today, we will announce the winner’s list.


Winners List:

1- MASA winners:

  1. aduu147 TQUNy9nbFmbCizv9vhYwypEJkykijkLZso   50K MASA
  2. tr0nve9as TTSpfqBeWtNQD3wphJrFZ3Cv4vbVptd5oT   30K MASA
  3. amatirpips TPF7FxSNCNumZJynArQUSy2CofhcdtKJTv   20K MASA

2- ACE winners 10K each:

  1. Abegail0125 TGEr6Svd2PQzv3KRPRpkZAfnB41qjw8D89
  2. netteemre TQpRmbDPzpkywuGCsvwa21dY6XXebJ6vys
  3. Felix_Mines TBcK3hnQYwwpfvzMxMSr53dXg4FjA2TBQV
  4. Dendorion TRL4mbkcLg5w2BY2TjNPPYcURmijsqMsuT
  5. bit357 TKVFJrFvLmXmtRFvpxVfc2YDsFacACyebT

3- TWX winners 1K each:

  1. FIatEarthMaps TNgWdnhBRvGmWJPHjch1CZnbcxCogkam54
  2. farahCelicious TJuZf4tYb58NhmQ3zPtJ1xrWhzg4kLw7kk
  3. CryptZen TV18FZ1QnbGKrWsnHTWrnnoxCMeWotcQk9

Congratulation to all winners, our next airdrop will be a 8g gold piece in our Kiwidex !

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