Fears After Stellar Network (XLM) Crashes for 2 Hours

Stellar Network (XLM) was disrupted for two hours on Wednesday because a number of Nodes stopped for various reasons, causing the network to shut down. The network was unable to access or verify any transactions in that time period.

What happened was that a number of Nodes were repeatedly disrupted, so the network like all of them crashed

said Swanson, head of research at Bot Oak Labs Technology. But because the network is not used heavily, is not observed directly.

Cybersecurity experts continued to report the failure of the Stellar network (XLM) for the successive failure of the contract, which is due to its reliance on network participants to verify transactions.

If there is a defect in receiving or sending a message by two nodes because of the DDoS attack, all the nodes in the Stellar network (XLM) will be blocked and blocked from moving on to the next step in the consensus process

said the Stellar Network (XLM) worksheet.

Nicholas Barry, CEO of Stellar , said more information about the incident would be disclosed in the “next few days”, including the steps the team will take to address it.

All I can say now is that the imbalance was caused by decentralization very quickly and that the system was doing the right thing by stopping work,” Barry said.

Some members of the Crypto community believe that this incident revealed the fragility and malfunction of the Stellar network (XLM), and such a defect is not found in other networks such as Bitcoin network or any of the networks based on the “proof of work”algorithm .


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