Ethereum {ETH} Network Is Vulnerable To 51% Attack

Security Research Labs, known as the SRLabs, published a new report indicating that the ethereum network is vulnerable to a 51% attack. This is because the Parity and Geth nodes have been left without any connection, exposing the network to security risks.

A 51% attack refers to a hypothetical attack on the blockchain by a group of miners who control 50% of network fragmentation or computing power and can prevent new transactions from obtaining network assertions.

The SRLabs report indicates that more than a third of Parity’s Nodes have not been upgraded since the release of the new security version, with 7% remaining unmatched for more than 9 months. As with Geth’s Nodes shown in the chart below.

It should be noted that Parity encouraged its users to update their software after the SRLabs report was published, in order to maintain the safety and security of the endangered ethereum network.

 51% Attack on the ethereum network:

As in the Bitcoin network, the fragmentation of the ethereum network is concentrated in the hands of large miners with a number of nodes. And any technical malfunction through them may eventually lead to a 51% attack on the network.

The report said:

Even if the node is safe at the moment, the failure to close the weaknesses identified in the study could lead to the collapse of the ecosystem of the buccaneers

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