EBay Denies Its Acceptance Of Crypto-Currencies Payments And Does Not Intend To Do So

EBay, one of the largest and largest e-commerce sites does not intend to accept payment via cryptocurrency and is not preparing to do so at least for the time being.

Some speculations have surfaced on a number of crypto-news sites that eBay is preparing to accept payment via cryptocurrencies as a payment option and is selling certain products for cryptocurrencies.

The company responds by directing individuals to review their own payment policy which includes:

cryptocurrencies is not accepted as a payment method on the eBay platform.

Nor is it part of our payment strategy.

The eBay Financial Privacy Policy states that the available payment methods are credit cards, PayPal and other normal methods.

Unauthorized payment methods are indicated for cryptocurrencies. The beginning of speculation and rumors about the acceptance of eBay in cryptocurrencies appeared on Twitter in one of the tweets described below:

and misrepresentations about publishing false news, to reply that he was just a messenger and a carrier for what he found in the picture.

EBay explained that there was a misconception that the announcement concerned the mining equipment and availability at the store.

However, many see it as a matter of time only to be able to pay using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on eBay.

There are already several international stores have become accept the encrypted currency as a method of payment

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