DREP Project Announces A New Partnership To Support Dubai’s Blockchain City

Singapore’s DREP has announced a new  partnership with BlockGemini, a leading Balochshin consulting and development company in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The DREP project is expected to providetechnical support for BlockGemini projects in various industries such as real estate, finance and supply chains, in line with Dubai’s 2020 Blockchain strategy .

With this collaboration, DREP is able to enter the Middle East region, DREP is able to expand its user base, and achieve greater geographic coverage.

BlockGemini has provided block-based solutions for many projects in Dubai, including the largest real estate agency in “Duba Emaar”.

Xu Xiao, co-founder of DREP, visited BlockGemini on April 2 to discuss ways to develop the blockchain technology in projects and the region.

It is worth noting that the Government of Dubai seeks to keep abreast of industry trends and seize the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by focusing on the latest technologies and tools capable of improving efficiency and productivity.

Dubai is planning to build blockchain technology and smart contracts in all industries and key sectors. The strategy is expected to provide 25.1 million hours of annual productivity and environmental protection.

It is also expected to trade relations grow between DREP project and the companies and institutions in the Middle East will have many benefits from this partnership and provide services directly to local governments and institutions directly to develop the blockchain industrg in the region.

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