Do You Want To Trade Like A Whale? Know More About WhalesTrader

WhalesTrader: A Better Way to Trade

 WhalesTrader is an innovative platform for maximizing cryptocurrency returns while minimizing losses. WhalesTransfer securely connects to some of the world’s largest exchanges (Binance, Hitbtc, and Poloniex) with an API key that is stored safely and securely on a PC. This key never touches the WhalesTrader servers, ensuring every trader has total control. WhalesTrader is one of the most powerful trading platforms available for cryptocurrency traders today. But what exactly makes WhalesTrader so special?


The Problem with the Cryptocurrency Market Today:

 It is a known fact that the cryptocurrency market is highly manipulated. Large cryptocurrency holders and insider-traders can manipulate prices at the press of a button. This means that everyday cryptocurrency trading is difficult and unpredictable. Strategies can often not be successful and end up costing a lot.

The Solution: WhalesTrader

 With this problem in mind, WhalesTrader provides a clear solution. Rather than resisting or rejecting the fact that the cryptocurrency markets are manipulated by whales, WhalesTrader is a platform built to capitalize and profit from this reality. This is achieved through three cutting-edge, patent-pending set of indicators to expose and alert trader as to when whales or inside traders buy or sell a coin. These indicators analyze the behaviors and patterns of historical trading and then identify the areas where whales have been buying or selling. It is then revealed if a whale is buying or selling in real-time. If so, the indicators will alert you immediately, allowing you to capitalize on this opportunity.



In order to understand the role of each indicator, here is an overview.


Indicator #1: BlackWhale Indicator


The BlackWhale indicator for WhalesTrader is a unique indicator that detects coin pumps and price increases. This indicator alerts traders as to when whales purchase large quantities of coins without affecting the price. This allows a trader to place a buy order at the optimal point in time.


Indicator #2: EscapeWhale Indicator


Unlike BlackWhale indicator, the EscapeWhale indicator highlights when to sell coins at the optimal time. Sell signals are generated before the price drops, allowing anyone to sell coins before a decrease in price.


Indicator #3: LiteWhales


LiteWhales is an indicator which signals big dumps within a 30 minute and 1-hour timeline only.


What Makes WhalesTrader the Best?

 WhalesTrader is the best platform on the market because of the enhanced features it offers. These include Order Flow and Volume Profile. Order flow empowers scalpers by showing all buy and sell orders that are open in the OrderBook in 3D and revealing supply and demand power which exposes fake buy/sell orders. This prevents traders from entering losing trades.

Volume Profile has all of the tools needed to analyze total volume. Buy and sell trades are distributed over a period of time, to identify reliable prize zones and liquidity patterns, such as absorption, exhaustion, and pullbacks.

Underpinning all of these fantastic features on the WhalesTrader platform are convenience, speed, and simplicity. The convenience of having all of your trading in one-place, rather than scattered throughout browser-based exchanges, adds massive value to serious traders. The ability to make trades rapidly and securely on a high-speed basis also greatly enhance the value-added nature of the WhalesTrader platform. Finally, enjoy a simple and powerful user interface, with excellent usability and customer support.

Also, WhalesTrader founder, The Gray Spark, was the first person who announces the last bitcoin pump to 9000$.


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