Do The Paid Signal Channels Worth It?

The development and progress of the cryptocurrency market and the development of forms and mechanisms of investment and exploitation.

One of the most important developments in the crypto-market is emergence of payed channels recommendations for this world. Which impose on its subscribers and those who want to enter it and see its contents pay a monthly subscription.

Subscription varies from one channel to another that may start from $ 20 up to $ 250 per month.

Among these paid groups are technical analysis services for several coins and tokens and advice on buying and selling decisions.

For the beginner in crypto and the new entrants of the industry, they see the channels of recommendations paid in the world of cryptocurrencies as a godsend, especially as they believe they include industry veterans and analysts with the expertise they lack.

On the other hand, these paid channels may be available free of charge in any other site and group.

Do these channels offer what they are supposed to offer? Does it add value to the subscription?

Answer Mr. “Julian Mania” the former president of the project TenX , saying:

The trader and the investor were good at what he was doing and he was getting good returns, so why would he reveal his plans and his way to the public for a monthly fee?”

Ans he continue:

“The successful investors I know keep their investment information for themselves and do not want to disclose it.”

According to the “obsession” also, he has never met a subject engaged in the paid channel and achieved a reap of funds on an ongoing basis.

The mechanism of recommendation channels paid in the world of digital currencies to make recommendations for buy & sell both for the purpose of speculation in the short term or investment in the long term.

While there can be no negative consideration towards the paid crypto channels, as you may find very few of them are worth the subscription and provide appropriate information.

A position defended by Ryan Wilday and Avi Gilburt, who work at for technical analysis and trading .

Where they see the paid channels and successful in the world of digital currencies is more comprehensive and full-time services and is based on answering most of the questions of followers in addition to providing technical analysis services.

They say that the channels of good and bad paid recommendations must be distinguished from the promises of bad channels that they can not meet.


There are very few paid channels for signals that are worth paying for participation because of the services provided by direct support, additional content, advice, guidance and some useful courses, especially for those newcomers.

While there are paid channels that do not offer any additional content and are based on copying and pasting from other groups and channels, as well as entering the so-called ” Pump and Dump ” which may cause losses to its members.

The user and the individual search he does is the only thing that can give him full confidence and act through it.

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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