Crypto-adoption continue the branching out: use Viacoin to order your groceries from Walmart And Amazon

Viacoin accepted in Walmart and Amazon

Today, and according to VIA twitter, their coin has been accepted as a payment option in Walmart and Amazon

What is Viacoin?

Viacoin is an open source cryptocurrency created in 2014, derived from the BTC protocol that supports embedded consensus with an extended OP_RETURN.

Viacoin occupy the 268th place in coinmarketcap coin’s list, with a marketcap of 12.4 million $ and 3.2 million $ of a daily volume. According to binance, the coin price has spiked more than 20% (from 45 to 64 satoshi) after this announcement.

How can you order the groceries?

For the groceries orders, you can make it using bitcoinsuperstore. Today, Viacoin is the 12th coin added to this store accepted currencies. Now, with Viacoin, you can order Google Play gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Ebay, Uber, and much more…


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