Craig Wright Is Required To Send A List Of His Mined BTC Before 2014

Craig Wright lied a lie and believed it.

Craig Wright , 49, of Australian nationality. He claimed on more than one occasion that he had been ” Satoshi Nakamoto ” the real founder of the Bitcoin.

Including what he was told in May 2016 when he announced to everyone that he was the actual inventor of Bitcoin.

But the evidence he gave was never convincing, and its falsity was quickly revealed.

He also promised to provide proof and conclusive proof of the first BTC transfer but did not do so.

Has recently contributed to the rise of the currency of the Bitcoin Cash SV to a record level (+70%) after the message that Craig Wright will transfer bitcoin of the Satoshi wallet and then transfer 50,000 units of Bitcoin (BTC) to Binance and the Executive Director of the Platform for a formal apology His Twitter after he refused to list the BCH SV.

To represent Craig Wright before the court after increasing the frequency of his allegations and that he is obliged to provide conclusive evidence to prove the validity of what he says.

Judge Bruce Reinhardt ruled on June 14 to oblige Craig Wright to submit a list of all the Bitcoin he had mined before 2014 and submit it to the court by yesterday.

But Wright protested that he could not do so.

To keep the decision in the hands of the court to be broadcast in the final decision on what Craig Wright claims.

Craig Wright is not the only one who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but there are many things he did because excellence and genius in the work of the Bitcoin makes everyone wish to be the owner of his idea and take it out.

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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