“Cocktail Giveaway” Winners List

On 11 May, we have announced in a tweet about our third giveaway, The Cocktail Giveaway. Our Project still in the BETA release, and only a few un-official partners know about what is WhaleToBe Club. And how our platform will make a big impact in the media sector of Tron, being a pioneer in media and news announcement. Even as we are in the BETA release,  we are doing some giveaways to build a community-fas base. Because the coming up is much bigger!


Winners list:


ACE winners:

1st place: 50,000 ACE 

2nd place: 30,000 ACE

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3rd winner: 20,000 ACE

TRONISH winners: 1K each


BTT winners: 1K each

Congratulation to all the winners!




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