China says it has agreed with USA to continue economics talks

The court's decision deals a blow to Apple, which is leaning more on its services-related revenue

BEIJING – The Chinese government said Beijing and Washington agreed to continue talks on their trade dispute, while President Donald Trump said he believed recent discussions with Beijing would be a success.

The somewhat more optimistic comments came after the two sides escalated their trade war, with China announcing details of new import tariffs on Monday and following the US move last week to target Chinese imports.

The US Trade Representative’s Office said it planned to hold a public hearing next month on possible charges of up to 25 percent on additional imports of $ 300 billion from China.

The office said mobile phones and laptops would be included in the list, but the drugs would have a few exceptions.

“I understand that China and the United States have agreed to move forward with the relevant discussions, but as to how to move forward, I think that will depend on further consultations between the parties,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang at a daily briefing. China will not bow to bullying.

We hope that the American side will not underestimate the situation and not underestimate the determination of China and its will to protect its interests

The talks stalled after China sought to back down pledges in a draft agreement that its laws would be amended to introduce new legislation on various issues, from intellectual property rights to the forced transfer of technology, sources said.

Geng said China showed goodwill by sending a high-level delegation to the United States for talks last week and China remained calm in the face of pressure.

He blamed Washington for backing back from previous rounds of talks, including in May, when the two sides reached an agreement in Washington and the United States backed down after several days.

So you can never charge China with reversing positions and reneging on promises,” Geng said, adding that China showed goodwill in the talks and kept its promises.

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