Carbon, New Stablecoin Based On Tron Network

Tron Networks is partnering with Carbon to launch a stable-coin based on the US dollar.

Carbon is a New York-based company preparing to launch a stablecoin with Tron, with the currency name “TRXD” and each token is backed by one US dollar.

Tron’s goal through this joint venture with Carbon is to facilitate payment and purchase operations within Tron’s network.

The founder and CEO of BitTorrent , Justin Sun, said :

“We are very excited to collaborate with all partners who want to launch easy-to-use stablecoins on Tron.”

Unlike Tether, the “TRXD” currency can be easily bought and retrieved from the Tron network via the Carbon website or by direct bank transfer.

Reaction “Sam Trautwein” co – founder and CEO of the company about the new Carbon Partnership , said:

“We aim to build products that people use as Tron is one of the most loyal companies to grow and adopt, so we are excited to unify our efforts to stabilize and launch a stable stable currency on Tron.”

Note that last March saw a partnership between Tether and tron to establish a USDT unit operating on the Tron network.

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