Bullish News For Cardano After the Unveiled Upgrades

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano project, unveiled a new video on new details of the latest developments in the project.

Charles is known as one of the most famous figures in the crypto world, and is known for his unique view on the techniques of blockchain and crypto.

During the video, he explained the best way to launch the Testnet network, highlighting a number of improvements, most notably Haskell, which is able to develop the blocks production through the smart contracts.

“In June, we will be adding YAML “, which allows you to design a personal ” Shelley” version that will allow you to run the system you want.”

During the same month, Charles also plans to conduct several tests by taking advantage of the members of the Cardano community through the Telegram.

Cardano CEO also revealed the date of the upgrade of the network and made available to the general test by developers by next July.

He added that the final upgrade will add a motivational system to the Testnet and will help users take advantage of Shelley properly.

The efforts of the teams working with the various systems of the Cardano network are capable of creating an ideal design

Charles continued by comparing the unique new features of the Cardeno project.

Watch the video


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