Brave Intends To Raise At Least $ 30 Million In The First Investment Round

A number of sources for The Block website revealed that Brave Software, the company behind Brave’s privacy browser, plans to launch its first investment round.

Brave aims to raise between $ 30 million and $ 50 million, with a company valuation of $ 133 million.

It should be noted that the company acquired investments in 2017 when it raised $ 35 million in the Seed Round.

The tour comes after the Brave online browser began to reward users for online adverts. The Brave browser relied on blocking ads completly.

But the company recently added a feature that allows users to get 70 percent of the profits from advertising that the company sold for BAT cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that  Coinbase , recently added Brave’s cryptocurrency  (BAT), to its “Earn” program, which allows users to access digital currencies in exchange for increased knowledge of crypto and cryptocurrencies.

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