Bitcoin Wallets Reach A New High Activity

Today, we have seen a new event in the realm of the activity of the Bitcoin wallets, which we have not seen since November 27, 2017. According to CoinMetric, there are now more than 1 million active addresses a day. Activity is known as the headlines that send or receive the daily Bitcoin.

Kevin Rooke chuckled about this information and stated:

” When we saw the activity of the wallets of Bitcoin Million active on November 27, 2017, the price of Bitcoin was $ 9352 and the average remittance fee was $ 3.23. Yesterday, the price of the Bitcoin was $ 8230 and the average transfer fee was $ 1.33. “

Although some do not see any direct relation with the price of Bitcoin , it is an important measure of the fact that it shows actual and unique transfers between individual wallets and exchanges.

Some see this new figure as an achievement for the Bitcoin network, a new sign of higher adoption and more people entering the Crypto-world.

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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