Binance Is Beginning To Prepare For The Launch Of A Platform For Margin Trading And Leverage

Binance, one of the world’s largest trading platforms is emerging to unveil a special platform for margin trading and leverage.

Which will announce competition and face-to-face with the BitMEX platform, which is one of the largest platforms in the field of providing digital currency trading leverage.

BitMEx invented the method of perpetual margin savings in the world of Crypto and digital currencies and won them millions for their own domain.

However, they often face overload, frequent requests and inability to process all incoming requests, some of which stop users from being annoyed.

Binance does not want to leave the entire package to the BitMEX platform and its competitor wants to prepare for a platform for margin trading and leverage for its users.

There was a lot of news about the preparation of Binance to build a specialized platform in this regard, did not reveal many details.

It came in a statement for each of the Chief Executive  Officer and Director of the Technical Bitsian office that Binance is building a platform for trading financial Leveraged aspires to become the most popular platform in Asia as a first stage.

As we have been told, OKEx and BitMEX are the two largest platforms for leveraged trading with a volume of $ 2.1 billion per day.

Binance relies on its popularity and its wide-ranging user base to try to break into the derivatives market, which is experiencing growing growth.


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