An Investment Company Launches A Competition For The Best Crypto Technical Analyst

Technical analysis of the Crypto market is an integral part of the industry.

Whenever the analyst is objective and has years of experience in the field and periodically updated his knowledge, his predictions and analyzes are more valid.

One of the investment companies announced the launch of a competition for the best technical analyst in the world of Crypto.

The company that announced the competition is BlockTower Capital and will be awarded an award of  3.5 BTC worth $ 27,000 with the recruitment of the best talent in a company investing in digital assets.

Competition Details:

The competition was announced by BlockTower Capital, based in Stamford, on Monday, with the aim of bringing the best technical analysts to its team.

Participants and those wishing to do so are required to make a written investment recommendation on a Blockchain project, an asset of digital origin or any related idea in an analytical manner.

To be honored and awarded the winner of the first place 2 BTC and the second place gets 1 BTC and the third place gets BTC.

Mr. Matthew Goetz, co-founder of BlockTower Capital, aims to help the company gain the best expertise in technical analysis and investment in cryptocurrencies.

Matthew Goetz said in this regard:

“Investment operations have become very fast and changing and companies must keep pace with the recruitment of candidates with different competencies.”

And he said:

“We want to run these competencies on the one hand and to upgrade and grow in what we do on the other”

The competition is open until July 1 can apply for participation from this link .

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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