A Very Easy Guide For The Elrond Binance IEO participation

What the Elrond project is?

It’s the sixth project to be presented by the Binance Launchpad platform this year.

The project aims to gain $ 3.25 million by selling 5 billion ERD token.

The Elrond project received $ 1.9 million earlier through a private sale.

The project is based on a large scalability protocol and can offer 10,000 transactions per second.

To view the larger details can be done through the whitepaper of the project .

How to participate in this IEO?


1 – Open an account on the platform by clicking on the registration of a new account

To show the total personal data to be filled:

Then go to the platform of Binance for the writings as in the picture:

2. Verification of account and identification

To participate in the IEO, the KYC verification process must be passed through identity verification and location where some countries are prohibited from participating in the IEO.

For verification to succeed, the required conditions must be met by the platform.

3. Enter and choose Elrond project:

The subscriptions page in Binance offers a range of past and current IEOs. The new offer can be selected and the participation begins today.

4- Participate in the Elrond sale:

To participate and enter the lottery process, all previous stages must be completed and the verification process completed.

There are some countries that are prohibited from participating in the entry to the offer.

5. Provide the amount of the ticket:

To enter the draw, you must first provide the amount of the ticket, which must be through BNB by holding of more than 50 coins and keep it for 9 days, and the greater the number of BNB balance increased the number of tickets can be collected as in the table:

6. Get the ticket:

This stage is the decisive stage. After all the previous conditions have been fulfilled, only the ticket is left to participate in the lottery.

The winning ticket will allow you to purchase $ 300 worth of ERD tokens.

Entry and purchase ticket will be on July 1 and continue until the next day either for the draw results will appear on July 2.

Good luck to everyone !

Please note, that is not a bit of financial advice, nor the WhaleToBe team’s view

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